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Derek Rein

Senior VFX Compositor

As a professional visual effects compositor I take a strong interest in the technology behind a great VFX shot. I believe there is always a best-practice in workflow, which if followed yields a balance of fast turnaround and flexibility as well as an efficient pipeline. With experience in both 2D and 3D departments I know what it takes to get a shot done on schedule with respect to the shot in context and the vision behind any sequence as a whole; that is simply due diligence, conscientiousness, and communication. Visual effects is the meeting place of art and science, and as the vision of writers and art directors increases along with the technology behind our tools, it has become imperative to approach shots with an expectation of technical complexity. Memory management and organization are at the forefront of my priority with respect to the needs of the individual shot. I'm always interested in challenging opportunities.

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